Ella Higgins

Ella is a designer based in Portland, Ore. She is fascinated with the relationship between colors and their emotional impact through design and is interested in experimenting with them through visual art. Her dream is to design wine labels (if you are a winery please contact) and to design the most beautiful cafe from the ground up.




Portland Opera

A new system of branding for the Portland Opera. Each show of the 2018/2019 season will be represented by a new form, an organic shape. Together, the shapes create a larger picture, a motif of organic bodies that represent movement and livelihood.

The choice of pink printer paper was a way to make the small booklet pop, to attract a younger audience that the opera currently hasn’t attracted.

The shapes would be advertised all over Portland through a series of posters. People could identify these shapes with the associated show, and create a memory.

_____________ posters ____________