Ella Higgins

Ella is a designer based in Portland, Ore. She is fascinated with the relationship between colors and their emotional impact through design and is interested in experimenting with them through visual art. Her dream is to design wine labels (if you are a winery please contact) and to design the most beautiful cafe from the ground up.




Instructional Timeline

When making tea, I visualize it as a timeline. Each type of tea takes a specific amount of time to make, along with different water temperatures and treatments to make the perfect cup of tea. 

When working with tea, I visualize it in increments of time, following each step until complete. Although it is a rather short process, usually no longer than 6 minutes, I feel that it makes for a great visual and instructional timeline. Especially for those who want to learn.

This book could live in a home, a shop or in your pocket. I chose to print the majority of this book in black & white on newsprint because I wanted the book to feel accessible to everyone.

Tea has many benefits for your body and I think a small, lightweight book is a nice way to convey that. I chose to use velum for the cover as well as some accent pages because it gave the book a nice touch.