Ella Higgins

Ella is a designer based in Portland, Ore. She is fascinated with the relationship between colors and their emotional impact through design and is interested in experimenting with them through visual art. Her dream is to design wine labels (if you are a winery please contact) and to design the most beautiful cafe from the ground up.





I recently purchased a hand-held camera, I make 1 minute movies. I document my free time, mostly with friends. You can see the full length, with sound, videos on my instagram.

Personal Exploration


As a big fan of Portland’s local Jazz Radio, I decided to brand one of my favorite daytime shows, New Jazz for Lunch. I would 100% wear and utilize each of these items.

KMHD Jazz Radio


Branding for Super Talent Co, a 2019 Summer Camp for the agencies talent.

Super Talent


During my time in the Portland State Graphic Design undergraduate program, I focused a lot of my work on book making. 

Book Design